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TOR | X-Raiders Unite!

Hello, fellow X-Raiders!

If you've been paying attention to the news section recently, we´ve started a Republic guild in Star Wars The Old Republic. We're located on the Ahto City server and trying to get things going at the moment.

Recruiting for a existing guild isn't that hard, very much people are looking for a PvP/PvE guild, such as this one. BUT! Our guild has not yet been created. Why?

Well, to create a guild you need a party of four and there simply isn´t as many who wants to join a party first in order to join a guild. Party usually disbands in search for more members that takes quite alot of time. So I need your help!

If you guys, even the ones who aren´t interested in joining X-Raiders on Ahto City could just come online on Ahto City and look up Lena or add necrandea on Xfire so we could create a party and finally get this guild going, that would be most appriceated!


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