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JK3 | New Era

-=( Style Changes )=-

The JK3 Division of the X-Raiders will also be living changes ! New Era is a double event, celebrating the 5 years of existance of X-R and also the inauguration of The X-Raiders Network.

-=( From Green to Blue )=-

The biggest visual change concerns the themed color that will change from "Green & Blue" to "Blue & Black/White". This change will completelly update The X-Raiders Team's visual impact from the TeamTag up to the Web Site/Forum itself.

Old Tags
New Tags
<X-R> Name<#>

(your "Name" being whatever color you want)

-=( Return in Activity )=-

I would also like to take the occasion to announce you the return in activity, planned starting (or shortly after) July 1st, of Axis and Furis as full time Players/Leadership positions in X-R. Progressivly starting by the return of the occasionnal/very often hosting of my AxisServer as "<X-R> AxisServer " in addition to Axia's 24/7 Paid Server. In a very similar way for thoses who remember/were there 2 years ago.

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